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The MP91/STA is a revolutionary new, one of a kind design in solvent cleaning trap adapters.We have just been issued a US design patent # USD737,398S for the STA. Manufactured for the M91/30, it attaches just like our Fast Brake, quickly and precisley. The new STA accepts any oil filter with 13/16 threads. The STP S 373 works well. The attached filter will collect all solvent and patches when you clean your rifle. No more mess-your wife will thank you for it! A must have for all Mosin shooters! Not intended for any use other than cleaning your rifle. User accepts all responsibilty for any use other than stated above.  STA comes with extra set of screws , hex key and several 30 cal. cleaning patches . Still made in the USA for Patriots by Patriots. Our US patent has been issued D737,398S.

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