MP Side Shot
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The MP Side Shot was developed specifically for those using the UTG Tri rail scope mount. It consists of a base for mounting an Allen fiber optic sight to the Tri rail. If you have ever blown a scope or lost zero while shooting you know how frustrating it can be. Imagine being in a bad situation and that happening, that's why I came up with the Side Shot. With a scope that's out you have no sight reference with the Mosin. Now with the Side Shot you do, slightly tilt your rifle and look down the side. This system is not for bullseye shooting, but rather to get you on target fast and send some lead down range. This is a great back up sight and easy to install.  If you have another rifle besides the mosin this will work also , all you need is a two in. long flat surface. I have one on my SKS and put one on my friends AR. Use a laser bore sighter to find the correct spot to mount on other rifles. We've done that for you already on the Mosin. The Side Shot comes with one mount base attached to one green fiber optic sight. The picture is shown with three Side Shots attached to my rifle. . Clean area with alcohol and dry, peel red film  and stick base to tri rail scope mount.  Must heat with hair dryer to remove base. The optic will slide off base.

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MP Side Shot

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