The MP44 Fast Lock Brake is finally here. This brake will not fit the Chinese T 53, M44 look alike.This brake will only fit model year1943, 1944 and 1945,as they went to a larger sight base in 1946. PLEASE CHECK THE YEAR YOUR RIFLE WAS MADE BEFORE ORDERING.

You will not find a better brake for this weapon. Recoil reduction and muzzle flip reduction is excellent . Twist on, lock the screws in and your ready. We suggest the use of blue lock tight on screws which is included. Lock tight ,install screws per instructions and leave over night. Ck screws every 25 rds for tightness if not using lock tight. Do not shoot with loose screws! Clean and oil brake after every use.  Made in the USA by patriots for patriots!

Again, this brake will only fit the M44 PRODUCTION YEARS 1943, 1944 AND 1945. If there is any question on the fit, before ordering e-mail a picture of the front sight. 

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MP 44 Fast Lock Brake

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